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RUDE CHALETS LTD – Terms and Conditions


We will endeavour to make your trip as safe as possible, but not all risks, dangers and hazards can be anticipated or avoided.

I am aware that skiing/snowboarding/mountain biking is a hazardous sport that includes certain risks and dangers, including the risk of serious injury. I accept full responsibility for the risks inherent in skiing/snowboarding/mountain biking and the ski area/mountain environment. I agree to RELEASE and INDEMNIFY Rude Chalets LTD and their employees, agents, contractors, officers, and owners, from all claims for any injury or damage resulting from any cause, including negligence, which arises out of my participation.

If I am booking on behalf of other parties and minors, I recognise that I may not release any claims the minor may have. However, I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of the minor’s participation. I also agree to RELEASE and INDEMNIFY Rude Chalets Ltd and their employees, agents, contractors, officers, and owners for any claims brought by or on behalf of the minor. This release is also binding as to any other persons, including family members, heirs and executors, but does not apply to gross negligence or intentional acts.



If you book (we do not take third party payments) ski schools; equipment hire; creche or other resort related services through us, you understand that these services will be supplied by a third party supplier (“Third Party”). Therefore your contract for those services will be with that Third Party. The Third Party’s own terms and conditions will apply to that contract. We act as agent only for that Third Party and we have no liabilty in relation to these services or for the acts or omissions of the Third Party or any supplier(s) or other person(s) or party(ies) connected with them.


Chalet Holidays

A deposit of 30% of booking amount per person and the relevant insurance premium are required at the time of booking. The final balance of payment is due 10 weeks prior to departure. Should the booking be made within 10 weeks of the date of departure, the full amount is payable immediately.

Cancellation charges are detailed below.

Rude Lodge

A deposit of 50% per person and the relevant insurance premium are required at the time of booking. The final balance of payment is due 10 weeks prior to departure. Should the booking be made within 10 weeks of the date of departure, the full amount is payable immediately.

Privacy Policy

We securely store payment information when your first payment is processed. Your personal or payment details are not shared with 3rd parties.

Apartment & Villa Holidays

A deposit of £500 and the relevant insurance premium are required at the time of booking. The final balance of payment is due 10 weeks prior to departure. If final payment has not been received by this date, the booking will be treated as a cancellation and the deposit and the insurance premium shall not be refunded. Should the booking be made within 10 weeks of the date of departure, the full amount is payable immediately. No contract shall exist between RUDE CHALETS Ltd and yourself until the booking form has been received.


By RUDE CHALETS Ltd – In the unlikely event of RUDE CHALETS Ltd  having to cancel/change your holiday details you will be notified as soon as possible and will have the choice of the following, as applicable:

A – accepting the change.

B – accepting an alternative holiday with us at no extra cost.

C – cancelling your holiday, in which case we will offer you a full refund.

By you – If you change any of your flight details after having booked your holiday, an administrative charge may be incurred which will then be passed on to you. If you are obliged to cancel your booking you must inform RUDE CHALETS Ltd in writing immediately to info@rudechalets.com . In all cases your premium and deposit will be forfeited and you will become liable for charges on the following scale:

Over 10 weeks before departure date – deposit only

Under 10 weeks before departure – 100% of holiday cost


Whilst on RUDE CHALETS Ltd property all clients are expected to behave in an orderly and acceptable manner. Should their behaviour threaten the condition of the accommodation or seriously impair the enjoyment of other guests, RUDE CHALETS Ltd reserves the right to refuse to further accommodate the guilty party and contractual obligations will be terminated. Card details will be recorded at check in as a security deposit and the guilty party will be liable for the cost of any damage so caused.


In the event of death or personal injury to yourself or any of your party traveling with us under your booking we do not accept liability if such death or personal injury is not through any fault of ours or our supplier. In particular we do not accept responsibility if the death or personal injury is caused through no fault of ours or our suppliers or is due to circumstances which we could not reasonably foresee or have avoided.

You agree that if you have a claim against us which is the fault of another party that in the event of our dealing with your claim those rights that you have against the other party are transferred to us or our insurers.

Various International Conventions govern compensation, which can be paid in other circumstances whilst on holidays or traveling and these Conventions apply to our Contract with you.


All persons undertaking the activities operated by RUDE CHALETS Ltd and our suppliers accept and understand that the activities contain an inherent level of risk of death and personal injury, no claim pertaining to injuries or death sustained whilst participating in one of RUDE CHALETS Ltd  or our suppliers activities will be entertained nor liability accepted by RUDE CHALETS Ltd or its suppliers.


RUDE CHALETS Ltd will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal possessions from our premises / vehicles. Whilst we will endeavor to ensure the security of personal possessions of the party, we cannot guarantee it. Please be aware of this fact and leave expensive / personally valuable items at home.


We operate a strictly no smoking policy in all our vehicles and inside our accommodation facilities. If people wish to smoke they must do so outside of these areas. If it is found that you have smoked within our accommodation you will be liable to a cleaning charge of up to £500.00.


(Applicable to Winter Chalet Holidays Only)

For selected chalet holidays RUDE CHALETS Ltd provide a FREE support and backup vehicle, the use of this vehicle is taken entirely at your own risk and RUDE CHALETS Ltd take no responsibility for death or personal injury caused through the use of this transportation.

Please note that the use of the support vehicle is providedfree of charge and does not form part of the holiday cost.


On arrival your room will be available after 4.00pm on departure day you must vacate your room by 10:00am. If required storage facilities for luggage will be provided on departure day.


Everyone booking a RUDE CHALETS Ltd holiday must be insured. If, on arrival in the resort, you are found to have insufficient cover you will be obliged to purchase a suitable insurance policy.


Any client who loses or damages any RUDE CHALETS Ltd equipment whilst in his/her care will be charged by RUDE CHALETS Ltd for the appropriate replacement or repair cost of that equipment as determined by RUDE CHALETS Ltd


Any complaints should be made clear to chalet staff as soon as possible, preferably in resort, or to our office no later than 14 days after returning to the UK.


It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and/or any visa necessary. If you do not have a British or EC passport, please be sure to check visa requirements for the countries you will be visiting.

Applicable to Winter Chalet Holidays – Remember, most flights are to Geneva in Switzerland which is not an EC member.


Rudechalets.com website information is correct to the best of RUDE CHALETS Ltd knowledge at the time of going live. Information relating to the resort cannot be guaranteed since changes can occur at any time outside the control of RUDE CHALETS Ltd


(Applicable to Winter Chalet Holidays Only)

Our on mountain video hosts are not professional ski guides in that they do not hold a ski guide qualification or have the necessary insurance to cover you. Please refer to section10. Insurance-  for Insurance requirements for winter sports.

We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to terminate without notice and liability “On piste video hosting” of any person whose behaviour is such that is likely, in our opinion, ski lift operator or ski guide or other person in authority to cause distress, danger, damage, or annoyance to other customers, employees property or to any third party.


Applicable to Winter Chalet Holidays Only

  • Winter transfers will be provided by Ski Lifts S.A.R.L (or a third party partner)
  • All of your inbound and outbound flight details on our online booking form must be completed 20 days prior to departure.
  • You will be met at Geneva Airport upon arrival by a Ski Lifts representative.  They will co-ordinate your egress from the airport and get you quickly on your way to Morzine.
  • As with our current transfer program you may be required to wait up to one hour in the coffee bar.
  • If your flight is delayed and you miss your transfer, you will be allocated a seat on the next available transfer.
  • If for any reason Ski Transfers are unable to provide your transfer you will be transferred by a third party.  In this instance it will only be by an organization that we have approved.
  • All transfers are provided to and from Geneva Airport only. This includes hotels that are on the service roads alongside the airport. For example Crown Plaza, Express Holiday Inn.  If your hotel falls outside this range you will be required to take the Hotel free shuttle bus to the airport to arrive at your pre-arranged arrival time. Please check directly with info@rudechalets.com as to whether you can be picked up from your hotel.
  • Any transfers outside of our normal transfer days Sun – Sun will be charged at 120 euros minimum up to 4 people. Additional seats will be charged at 30 euros per person thereafter. If you are charged for a transfer, you will be subject to the transfer companies Terms & Conditions.
  • IMPORTANT: In-correct information that requires additional transfers be organized at short-notice will be charged at a minimum of 120 euros for up to 4 people. Additional seats will be charged at 30 euros per person thereafter. If you are charged for a transfer, you will be subject to the transfer companies Terms & Conditions.
  • On clear days the normal transfer time from Geneva to Morzine is 1hr15mins. Due to extreme mountain conditions during the season this is not always possible. Therefore occasionally we have to allow 4+ hours to transport you safely back which includes adequate time to check-in. The decision will reside with Ski Lifts.
  • We will always allow adequate time to get you safely and on time to the airport. However, there can be unforeseen exceptional circumstances that mean you miss your flight or train. Please note that for any costs incurred you will need to claim against your holiday insurance.  We will provide any paperwork required to support your claim.


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